Barbara Gales, RN, BSN

Research Coordinator Pediatric Nephrology

Program Coordinator, UCLA Pediatric Bone Disorders Program

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital

The UCLA Pediatric Bone Disorder Program offers a diverse multidisciplinary approach to evaluation, identifying, and treatment of abnormalities of bone and mineral metabolism in children. As program coordinator, Barbara, ensures that the program provides a complete service for both the pediatric patient and their families.  Services provided through the Bone Clinic include, diagnostic bone biopsies, bisphosphate therapies, biochemical review, and imaging studies. An integral component of this program includes patient education; perpetuating the belief that building and maintaining bone health is through knowledge.

As part of Dr. Isidro Salusky’s research team, Barbara is the nurse coordinator of his NIH research projects, investigating the abnormalities of bone and mineral metabolism that are associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in children.